Thursday, August 11, 2011

The beginning of .....

Hi everyone, so i started this blog just after Cassandra was born, but am getting back into it after almost 10 months lol

I will be using this blog to randomly post about my struggles to make organised kaos in our lives and also to post competetion details from 'Snookies' as facebook have so many rules on competitions now.

A lil about me and mine...
My husband and i married in november 2008 in nz we actually met each other when i was i think 12...yes it took us a while to sort ourselves out lol

we have 3 girls bith kyle(hubby) and I have a daughter to another partner kyles daughter is Annalise born nov 2004 and my daughter is Naomi born in january 2005.
Yep Annalise is only 2 months older lol its funny how things work out.
Both of our ex partners live in NZ I moved to auz after kyle and i married in nov 2008, kyle was here a year before that.

So Annalise lives in nz with her mum, and naomis dad live in nz too, so throughout the year we have Annalise visit us usually twice a year and kyle trys to get over to nz once a year to, and naomi visits her dad every school holidays.

we only have kyles family in auz his mum,dad,uncle, auntys and cousins all my family are still in nz, my mum trys to come over at least a few times a year (i miss my mummy)

And we have a lil girl Cassandra together she was born may 2010.

Since Cassandra was born we have had a full on year in november 2010 kyle was diagnosed with cancer ( he had testicular cancer 4 years before and had a testicle removed without any radiation/chemo they thought that would make it stay away)he had been having regular checkups for four years. and the scan they found it was goiung to be his last one for 1 year)

so that completely turned everything upside down looking back from the minute kyle was diagnosed i was on a mission to make him better.
i think about this needs to be a seperate post.

so fast forwarding to march 2011.....Hubbys chemo worked, i started 'Snookies' i had intended to start in nov 2010 but yeah.
I was working part time when i started as i went back part time to get some $$ when kyle was sick.
so there i was a WAHM!!!! i was so excited, but was scary too, after a few months i found that working part time was way to hard and if i was going to make this business successful i needed to just do it.
So i quit my part time job, took on contract sewing and concentrated on my business.
things have been hard money wise and timne wise but im getting there i think some days :)
I have one stoickist in nz Nappy heaven and prob 3 in auz that will be stocking soon. Im doing a monthly market starting september and will be at the school fete in october

i think thats it for this post but will be blogging as much as i can :)
hope you enjoy reading this and i havent blubbered on to much lol

ok off to do some house work and then its sewing time